Meet our brand new 360 video booth! This premium photo booth experience will be what guests will be talking about, long after your event.

Guests stand on a 4" platform, then a camera rotates around them. The final product is a short video clip with your event's overlay and a music clip, just like this sample. A monitor lets you see a replay of the session and a QR code allows you to save the most recent sessions directly to your cell phone. 

Options available include colored accent lighting and  confetti to add an additional layer of excitement!


Take a look at the short video clip to see it in action from a recent event.

Touch Free Photo Booth

The Touch Free Photo Booth was created with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in mind.  While we do NOT recommend having events during this quarantine period, we understand that some people may have a preference for alternative photo booth options. 

This is the perfect solution! The Touch Free Photo Booth knows when a guest is standing in front of the booth and it automatically starts a session. The last 4 sessions appear on the bottom of the screen with a unique QR code that guests can scan and download with their phone!

You can choose this configuration or use one of our Social Sharing Booth Shells.

Traditional Photo Booth

Our premium quality, elegantly designed photo booths are what you will want to use to put your best foot forward.


They have high quality DSLR cameras that produce the highest quality, outstanding images. The booths have a touch screen monitor, the camera tilts for tall and small guests and the built in printer stand keeps the set up looking nice and tidy!


The surface of the booth can be branded for a more personalized presentation for a more memorable experience and to raise brand awareness for corporate events.

Social Sharing Booths

Our all-digital social sharing photo booths produce single pose photos and AMAZING quality boomerang gif images that are all the rage. The images are are perfect for social media sharing and can tremendously boost brand awareness, making it a great solution for corporate events. 


They're great for tall and small guests because they tilt and we even have one for those higher angle, SLIMMING selfie style shots that our 'older kids' love! Social sharing booths are available as an unattended booth or with an attendant. Prints are also available as an option.

Roaming Photo Booth

The Roaming Photo Booth is a handheld, all-digital social sharing photo booths similar to the social sharing booths.


It also makes single pose photos and boomerangs  that guests can send to themselves, but the difference is that an attendant walks it over to your guests as opposed to them going to a traditional photo booth. 


This option is especially ideal for networking events, galas, festivals or events with little room for a traditional photo booth, such as a sail boat! Book the roaming booth for your entire event or just for cocktail hour, followed by another booth for the main event! 

3D Slider Boomerang Booth

This photo booth experience captures your guests in a unique way that mimics a 3D appearance. The magic happens when the camera, which sits upon a curved track, records a short video clip as it slides along the track. 


Your guests can remain still for more of a three dimensional look or they can move around while holding props. An added dimension can be added by adding confetti into the mix!

It is recommended that a pipe and drape enclosure be used to contain the confetti since we're vigilant about cleaning up after ourselves. 

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We proudly serve the greater NY/NJ/CT metropolitan areas. Contact us for more information and availability.