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About Our Booths

Our best customers are ones that appreciate the quality of our images. The amount of effort put into making a high quality photo can not be overstated. We provide a great deal of transparency and explain in detail the entire process from start to finish. We're not a large company or franchise, we're the owner/operators trying to provide the best product and customer service we can.


Overall Presentation

We have different set-up configurations depending on a number of criteria including the options you would like or the amount of room required. We can make the set up as elaborate as you'd like, or simple and compact - as small as an 8' x 8' space and sometimes even smaller!


The Operation of the Booth

The photo booth takes four pictures that are five seconds apart. You get to choose to have your micture in color or black and white. The photo prints out in under 10 seconds.


Your Prints and Template Design

Work on your event starts long before the first picture is taken. A great amount of detail is paid to the template design for your event. We don't typically use pre-existing templates where we just drop in a line of text - we try to get a sense of your event so that the design is representative of it. We can even take a picture of the wedding couple or birthday girl on the night of the event and drop it into the template at absolutely no extra charge!


Up to three hours can be spent on designing various templates for you to choose. That's as much time as most events themselves! It's important for us that you're happy with your design, because it's made with love.


Our photo booths print out two 2x6 strips in under 10 seconds but 4x6 prints are also available as an option.



We're constantly updating our props and maintain a wide variety including:


  • Sunglasses

  • Masks

  • Standard signs

  • Custom signs

  • Seasonal props​


Open Aired Booths vs. Enclosed Booths
Enclosed Photo Booths:

Photo booths from years ago were small enclosures where up to three people could sit comfortably inside to take pictures. Enclosed booth benefits include a retro feeling and has the potential for a smaller footprint, but not all enclosed booths (or any, for that matter) are created equal.


Amusement park booths are what people typically think of when they hear 'photo booth'. Another style would be one similar to ours that is placed in a tent or pipe and drapes. It's not a true enclosed booth, but it does provide a level of privacy, which is what people want sometimes.


Since enclosed photo booths are so small and cramped, you won't be able to see very much of the dress! You'll generally only see people's head and shoulders. Lastly, enclosed booths are also known to use lower quality webcams as opposed to the higher resolution images that only a professional digital SLR camera can provide.


Open-Aired Photo Booths:

Our booths have an extremely small footprint so we can fit into very small spaces. We can include a LOT more people, which is especially helpful in certain situations:


  • Elderly folks can access the booth much more easily

  • Very young children can be held in position much more easily by adults

  • It's wheelchair accessible

  • Fit much larger groups of people

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