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AI Photo Booths

Just when you thought that we did all there was that could be done, AI booths comes along!

The latest craze hitting the US is the Barbie movie and since photo booths are always ready to meet the demands of pop-culture, we've incorporated a number of options to put even more smiles on people's faces. Before we get into the wonderfulness of AI options, let's talk about the simpler things.

Standard Overlay Options

As with most photo booth options that are available, we can take a photo of guests standing in front of a physical backdrop and apply artwork with custom wording. There are several options for the traditional photo booth with prints including:

  • Single pose 4x6 photo (sample below)

  • Multiple pose 4x6 photo

  • Multiple pose 2x6 strips

Left: Original photo with a physical background. Right: Original image with artwork applied

Background Replacement

This option can be a lot more fun because it adds to the aFUN. Background replacement is similar to green screen removal from years ago, but you don't need an ugly green screen at your beautifully decorated event. The background is magically removed and replaced with a background you can select, prior to your event. It's typically the same background for all of the event's images but it IS possible to have a number of background options that your guests can choose from.

Left: Original image. Middle: Pink glitter background. Right: Toy house background.

AI Booth Options

While AI is new and fun, it's imperfect and can be unpredictable, which in and of itself, makes it fun all over again! In the examples below, you'll see the original image and the modified version.

The AI booth option is a top-of-the-line option that will ABSOLUTELY make your brand stand out to people. The examples shown are designed to look like toy dolls, but the options are only limited by your imagination.

You can have your guests look like other familiar characters, place them in scenes, etc.

Contact us for more information and pricing for any of our standard or we can customize a package just for your event.

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