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The Evolution of The Sequin Boother

From the inception of the Absolutely Fabulous Photo Booth, we always dressed JUST beyond the realm of what you might expect to see guests wearing at events. You would see a suit or blazer and on a rare occasion, a branded black polo. The suits might be black or a business-ey grey and when we're feeling particularly extravagant - a blue sharkskin three piece suit with a pink striped tie, which would ultimately be the closest thing to having a signature look. Besides our photo quality (which is particularly important to us), it was also important to stand out with our appearance for our client's events because there's a difference between being dressed up and being dressed well.

As time went on and our technology developed, we incorporated a little device called a 'Roaming Photo Booth', which is a portable, handheld unit that provides a photo booth experience to guests at an event. This opened our minds to presenting ourselves a little differently.

The roaming photo booth is a device that captures your attention from across the room because of its colorful lights. In order to reinforce its presence, we decided to make things a little flashier by wearing mermaid sequin blazers for those type of events. Similarly to a costumed character you'd see in Times Square or Disney world, the purpose is to convey a level of fun that would raise the curiosity of event guests while adding a level of flash and fun to events.

We were a bit apprehensive in how the new look would be received but ultimately, we received compliments from men and women, alike. We've even received specific requests that we be sure to wear the 'flashy jacket' in order to liven up parties!

That said, we can ABSOLUTELY mute things a bit by wearing a suit but... why would you want that?


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