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Photo Booth Terminology

Template. Overlay. Animated Gif... what does it all mean? Not to worry. We're going to break it all down for you in the blog post.

When you're looking for a Photo Booth rental for your event, it can be a little daunting if you aren't familiar with the terminology and the last thing we want is for you to feel silly about not understanding the lingo, so this list of terminology will be constantly evolving.

360 Booth: A platform with a camera mounted arm that rotates around the guests as it records a short clip. After processing, the video it creates will play in regular speed, slow motion, visual effects, music and an overlay with the event's branding. The clip can be airdropped or a link can be texted to the guests.

Animated Gif: An animated clip of individual photos (three or four images) from a single Photo Booth session.

Attendant: A person who operates and guides guests with the photo booth.

Backdrop/Background: The physical background that guests stand in front of, for photos.

Background Removal: A process that digitally removes and replaces the background from a Photo Booth session. Similar to green screen, but without the unsightly green screen.

Backlit Photo: A photo taken with additional lighting behind a white backdrop that produces a pure white background. Ideal for Glam Booths.

B&W (Black and White): An image that's black, white, and shades of gray. Available as an option for a regular Photo Booth and Glam Booth.

Bleed: The area of an image that extends beyond the intended final size to ensure accurate trimming.

Boomerang: A short video clip that plays forwards and then in reverse to create a looping effect.

Burst Mode: A camera mode that captures a series of rapid still images in quick succession.

C.O.I. (Certificate of Insurance): Proof of insurance - A statement of coverage issued by the company that insures businesses.

Chroma Key: A technique that replaces a specific color (usually green or blue) with a different background during post-processing.

Composite: An image created by combining two to four photos into a single digital or printed image.

Contract: A legal agreement where the event details and services provided. The event is NOT secured until a contract is signed and retainer has been paid.

Corporate Activation: A Photo Booth experience intended for public use. Examples would be public events for brand awareness. Typically digital images are emailed to the user who opts in to marketing campaigns. Corporate activations can be simple to extravagant but an alliance with the Photo Booth company to properly represent the company's brand is paramount.

Corporate Event: A company event or celebration for its employees such as a holiday party, summer event, networking event, galas or other milestones. These events can have different requirements than a social event including earlier set up times, branding, set design, analytics and more.

Crop: To trim or cut down a photo to a desired size or composition.

Custom Overlay: Personalized design or branding elements added to a photo layout. Same as Template Design.

Deadline: Timelines to ensure we can properly coordinate your event: Dates we need a contract signed, retainer, template design selected, etc.

Digital Props: An option that allows guests to select an image to appear over their face or head.

Droplet: A Photoshop action that processes an image to obtain looks not possible in the Photo Booth program.

DSLR Camera: Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera with interchangeable lenses, often used for high-quality photo booths.

Dye Sublimation Printer: A printer that uses heat to transfer dye onto various materials, commonly used for instant photo printing.

Early Setup: Arriving to a venue earlier than the required amount of time required to set up, usually two hours prior to the Photo Booth start time, or more.

Exposure: The amount of light that reaches the camera sensor, affecting the brightness and detail in an image.

Fill Flash: Additional lighting used to illuminate shadows and balance overall exposure. Also used as part of our studio lighting for a more dynamic look.

Filter: A digital effect applied to alter the appearance of a photo, like adjusting colors, adding a vintage look or softening/smoothing the skin with the Glam Booth.

Fisheye Lens: An ultra-wide-angle lens that creates a distorted, spherical perspective.

GIF Booth: A photo booth that captures a series of photos to create an animated GIF.

Glam Booth: A skin smoothing effect applied to a black and white, single pose image in front of a white backdrop. Though the Glam Booth is generally as described above, it can also be in front of a black backdrop or using a color image.

Green Screen: A green backdrop that is replaced with a different background.

Guest Book: A physical album where guests can place photo booth prints along with messages.

Hashtag Printer: A printer that connects to social media and prints photos tagged with a specific hashtag.

High-Key Lighting: Bright, even lighting used to reduce shadows and create a soft, airy look for the Glam Booth.

Idle Time: When a Photo Booth is intentionally scheduled to be out of operation, at an event. Typically for corporate activations or corporate events.

JPEG: A common image file format that uses compression to reduce file size.

Key Light: The primary light source that illuminates the subject in a photo or video booth.

Large Sequin Backdrop: 18mm round sequins that provide a more engaging look.

Lens Flare: Artifacts caused by light reflecting within the camera lens, often creating a hazy or streaky effect.

Load In Time: The time where loading equipment in a venue is expected - about one hour, in most cases, depending on the Photo Booth experience and equipment required. Usually for corporate events or weddings.

Matte Finish: A non-glossy surface for photo prints (often preferred for its reduced glare), or backdrops.

Mermaid Sequin Backdrop: A two color sequin backdrop that can be flipped to create designs or words.

Mosaic Wall: An arrangement of smaller photos to create a larger image when viewed from a distance.

Open-Air Booth: A booth without enclosed walls, allowing for larger groups and creative setups.

Overlay: A design element or logo added on top of a photo.

Paparazzi Wall: A backdrop featuring sponsor logos or event branding. (See also Step and Repeat).

Photo Gallery: An online collection of an event's Photo Booth images that can be downloaded and shared with an event's guests.

Photo Strip: A narrow strip of two, three, or four photos typically printed in a vertical layout.

PNG: A (typically transparent) lossless image file. The transparency is that allows photos and videos to be seen as part of the final photo or video clip.

Portrait Orientation: When the camera is positioned in vertically.

Premium Pricing: Our pricing reflects our photography background, which allows us to produce higher quality images at a fair price.

Props: Items like hats, glasses, and signs used to enhance photo booth sessions. Used sparingly, since Covid.

PVC Prop Signs: Prop signs with pre-printed designs that are either specific to your event theme or generic sayings and images, made using PVC plastic. These are usually double sided but are occasionally single sided. Custom made signs are also available.

Retainer: Payment made by the client to secure the date for their event. A retainer and signed contract is required before the date is confirmed.

Roaming Photo Booth: A portable, handheld unit that delivers a Photo Booth experience to guests, where they stand as opposed to having them queue in a line at a stationary Photo Booth. Perfect for networking events, festivals, cocktail hour and more.

Runtime: The amount of time where the Photo Booth is available for guests. Our packages are generally three or four hours. Set up time is independent from runtime.

Saturation: The intensity or richness of colors in an image.

Selfie Station: A designated area where guests can take photos and boomerangs with an all digital booth.

Sepia: A brownish tone applied to photos, giving them an antique or nostalgic feel.

Sequin Backdrop: A backdrop full of 10mm sequins in different colors.

Setup Space: The amount of room required for any given Photo Booth experience at an event.

Setup Time: The time used to set up the Photo Booth - usually an hour is required, depending on the Photo Booth experience.

Single Set of Prints: A package that includes either 2 - 2x6 strips or one 4x6 print.

Slide Show: A large screen can be used to play the videos or images as a slide show to demonstrate the Photo Booth and intensifies the guest's fun by seeing their photos or videos on the screen.

Social Event: Typically a private event for friends and family such as a birthday, wedding, milestone celebration. (See Corporate Event).

Social Sharing: The ability to share photos via email or text directly from the photo booth so guests can share to social media platforms.

Soft Focus: A deliberate blurring of an image to create a dreamy or romantic effect. Used with the Glam Booth.

Space Requirements: The amount of operating space the Photo Booth experience needs to operate. Most scenarios require a minimum of 8'x8'.

Step and Repeat: A background with sponsor logos or event branding. A great option for entrances and a roaming Photo Booth.

Studio Lighting: Professional-grade lighting equipment used to illuminate subjects.

Template: A pre-designed layout for arranging photos and graphics. (Same as Custom Overlay).

Time-Lapse: A video composed of a sequence of photos taken at intervals to show the passage of time.

Touchscreen: An interactive screen where participants control the photo booth settings.

Tpyo: A grammatical error or incorrect date on your template design. Typo :o)

Unlimited Prints: In EVERY case, 'Unlimited Prints' refers to up to one print per person in the photograph. We are unable to print excessive amounts of a photo for a guest's holiday cards, for example. It's been asked for, previously, believe it or not. See also 'Single Set of Prints.'

User Generated Content: Photos or videos that an event's guests upload to social media that emphasize a company's brand. Clients will also have access to the photos that the guests opt in to allow company usage.

White Balance: The adjustment of colors to accurately represent white and neutral tones.

Wide-Angle Lens: A lens with a short focal length, capturing a wide field of view.

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